Breezy Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding is good for you and your baby in a million different ways! There is no comparison with formula. The Breezy Breastfeeding Class will teach you all you need to know to reach your breastfeeding goals and LOVE your nursing journey!

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    1. Meet Jill

    2. Class Handouts

    1. Introduction to the Benefits of Breastfeeding

    2. Future Health Outcomes

    3. Lifestyle Benefits

    1. 9 Stages of the First Hour

    2. Preparing for Birth

    3. Preparation Logistics

    4. The First Hour

    5. Global Health Media First Hour Video

    6. Hand Expression

    1. Uses for Alternative Feeding Methods

    2. Spoon Feeding

    3. Cup Feeding

    4. Finger Feeding

    5. Supplemental Nursing System

    1. Baby Behavior

    2. Latch

    3. Global Health Media Attaching Your Baby at the Breast

    4. Breastfeeding Positions

    5. Baby-s Goals

    6. Nipple Pain

Learn how to love the newborn stage!

  • 34 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Learn what you need to know to reach your breastfeeding goals, starting today

Meet Jill

RN, BSN, IBCLC, ANCLC. Your instructor and guide through this course, Jill has a passion for teaching and empowering parents. Jill approaches breastfeeding education with your whole family in mind. Hospital classes often focus on creating "good patients". With the Breezy Breastfeeding class, you'll feel empowered to make important decisions for your child. You'll have tools to get your sweet baby the nutrition they need and get your breastfeeding to a place where you can love it. We'll cover what dad can do to help, getting a good latch and avoiding pain, baby's goals, pumping and returning to work, when complications arise, and more! More about Jill:

  • 10+ years as an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant and certified as an Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultant (ANLC)

  • Hundreds of hours of continuing education related to breastfeeding and twice passed the IBCLC Exam

  • Has written 7 breastfeeding classes for parents and health care staff

  • Experience as a Registered Nurse in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and in-hospital Lactation Consultant in Women's Services

  • Wife, Mom to 6 on earth, and 5 in Heaven, passionate Christian

What are you waiting for?

This class is a steal considering you will save thousands of dollars by breastfeeding. Consider the formula costs, the doctor's co-pays, medications, time off work, and life-long health savings. Did you know, if 90% of US babies were breastfed it would save 911 babies lives and $13 billion?!

More Benefits and Reasons to Sign Up

  • Video Q&A

    Send a question to Jill and receive a video response that all participants can benefit from.

  • Videos by global experts

    Learning is enriched by some of the best videos ever produced by leading breastfeeding experts.

  • Most importantly

    Reach your breastfeeding goals and love your breastfeeding journey!

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